Sunday, September 9, 2012

Moving Forward

A brief post to update on our lives.

We have officially set aside all medical consulting/treatment/intervention with trying to conceive. We closed that chapter and took some time to work through the emotions that came with doing so. And then the week before last we sent in the application for adoption with our chosen agency.

We are now scheduled for our initial interview on the 19th. I honestly have no idea what the initial interview is. I presume its largely about reviewing our application and discussing what happens now. I am excited and nervous.

I am a social worker and I do home studies, so I am aware of how deep into our personal lives this will have to get. I tend to think that a home study for adoption will have to dig even deeper than I have to do. And while being the one conducting the interviewing for my job makes me very nervous still (who wants to ask strangers about their most personal things??), the nervousness I feel being on this side is a lot worse.

Meanwhile, I am greatly and pleasantly distracted by the yard sale fundraiser we are having on the 22nd. As soon as we announced officially about starting our path to adoption, the support began pouring in. I fully see now that all these people always did care about what we were going through, but people just don't know how to react to infertility. No one knows what to say or what to do or how to act. So most just retreat from us. Now that we are planning ways to raise funds for adoption, these people know how they can help. And helping they are!

I have been totally blown away by the things people have donated and the ways people have helped. I started into this yard sale thing fearing we wouldn't have anything to sell really. But now, I am just fearing we won't have enough people come to buy all this stuff! We have a bedroom at my home almost full of things donated, and an outdoor building and a room at my moms almost filled. We also have things someone left for us at the church. And things others said they will get to us closer to time. We are BLESSED! And man did I miss realizing just how blessed we are and how awesome the people in our lives are! Adoption gives me this joy and hope; infertility gave me nothing but hard times. So... here's to hoping that this new chapter in our lives is much happier and easier than the last!

And to my mother and Kimberly... we truly could NOT be doing this yard sale without you! Thank you for all the help! And to everyone else as well!

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  1. I'm excited about this news! And it's wonderful to read that you're getting so much support! I know that switching from treatment to adoption is an emotional decision, but I can say with 100% confidence that we can't imagine loving a baby any more than we love N. And we're so grateful for everything we've been through that we have sweet baby N and you'll have that feeling too! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your journey. And even though there's a lot of personal information related to the home study, our sw was SOO kind and sweet about it all and never asked us in person anything too personal or awkward. :)